Garrett SmartScan Thermal Solution.  Integrated system for the Garrett PD6500i and MZ6100 walk through metal detector.  Easy temperature screening.  The Garrett SmartScan reads the temperature during normal security screening with no extra staffing to monitor temperature readings.  The entire thermal solution is built within the metal detector which allows for one non contact security checkpoint solution.


Garrett SmartScan Image



  • Fast temperature detection of incoming traffic
  • Does not slow down the existing screening process
  • No technical staff needed to make initial temperature evaluations, reducing staffing costs and the potential for human error
  • Battery-operated for ease of use and optimal flexibility
  • Intuitive status indicators for startup, calibration, misreads and elevated temperature alarms
  • A constant temperature reference is not required for operation
  • Visual and audible alarm options
  • No dangerous cords or cables or unstable tripod required.
  • Cost-effective and requires no additional footprint/space
  • No additional floor space needed.
  • No externally mounted pieces on the metal detector.

Contactless, cost-effective metal detection and temperature screening offer peace of mind for your patrons.

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