Quantum Sniffer QS-B220HT

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  • Quantum Sniffer QS-B220HT - Security Detection


Quantum Sniffer QS-B220HT

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The Quantum Sniffer QS-B220 is a bench-top explosive and narcotic detector that rapidly detects and identifies trace amounts of a wide variety of military, commercial, and homemade explosives (HMEs) as well as narcotics.

Based on the same contamination resistant and non-radioactive Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) analysis technology as Implant Science’s QS-H150 hand-held, the QS-B220 brings a new level of performance and convenience to trace detection users.

  • Real-time Explosives and Narcotics Trace Detection
  • Non-radioactive ion sources eliminate licensing, inspection, transport, and end-of-life issues
  • Automatic, continuous self-calibration adjusts to environmental changes
  • No operator intervention
  • No calibration traps
  • Fast clear-down, typically 10 seconds or less, means more sampling and less waiting. Rapidly detects and identifies explosives and narcotics
  • Low maintenance design delivers low total cost of ownership.


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