Mini Z X-Ray

  • Mini Z X-Ray - Security Detection


Mini Z X-Ray

The MINI Z system is the world's first handheld Z Backscatter imaging system, providing unsurpassed operational flexibility. Using the same technology that made the ZBV the top-selling cargo and vehicle inspection system in the world, the MINI Z system's Z Backscatter technology highlights organic threats and contraband.

With its small form factor and single-sided imaging, the MINI-Z system can access hard-to-reach areas, allowing for the effective screening of a wide variety of items such as bags, walls, furniture, boats, aircraft, vehicle tires, and car interiors.

The MINI Z system is the only handheld X-ray system that can produce images using single-sided imaging to quickly detect anomalies. The MINI Z system is completely self-contained, with no required set-up and no consumables to replenish. Simply power on the device and you are ready to scan for potential threats and contraband.

  • Reliable and redundant safety subsystems
  • Safe for operators, bystanders, and the environment
  • The system conforms to applicable ANSI, ICRP, NCRP, and Euratom radiation safety standards for annual allowable dose for the general public.


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