3 Advantages of a Security Metal Detectors

Security metal detectors are routinely used in many establishments and events to keep visitors, volunteers, and staff members safe from external threats like weapons, narcotics, and other harmful items. The most widely used security metal detectors are handheld metal detector rentals and security walkthrough metal detectors.

Metal detectors use the principles of electromagnetic induction in physics to locate precisely where a foreign metal object may be on a person's body. When they detect such items using magnetic fields and receiver coils, they send a signal to the alarm system in the device. The alarm system can be an audible alarm or a vibration indicating to the security guard operating it that metal has been detected.

Some people are on the fence about purchasing security metal detectors for their events and establishments and wonder what the tangible advantages of buying one will be. This blog will list the advantages of a security metal detector.

1. Convenience and Affordability

Whether you choose a security walkthrough metal detector or a security wand rental, you will experience different advantages.

A security wand rental is a less costly security device that will detect foreign metals on people concealing them. Walkthrough metal detectors are more convenient for people because visitors and attendees can easily walk through them. Therefore, both varieties are efficient in their unique ways.

2. They Act as Deterrents for Those Who Wish to Threaten the Peace

When security metal detectors are present, and those entering a facility or event are being thoroughly checked in a line before being allowed access to an establishment, those who wish to bring weapons and other harmful items will be deterred and discouraged from doing so.

3. Attendees and Organizers Can Relax

A security wand rental from Garret for securing events and establishments

Security threats are highly stressful and take focus and attention away from one's day-to-day operations and essential event responsibilities. An event, business, mailroom, school, cargo unit, or other places can function far more efficiently and effectively with security metal detectors in place for access control.

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