Evolv Express

The days of ask fans and patrons to place their phones and bags in containers handled by security staff passing pocket item trays is over.  Evolv Express is the first and only contactless security screening system that meets all the post pandemic checkpoint security screening requirements.  The Evolv Express is powered by the combination of high speed sensors & Evolv's proprietary AI software that identifies threats in real time without requiring fans and patrons to stop and empty pockets and go through bag searches which reduces the risk of unnecessary human contact
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  • Contactless checkpoint screening.
  • Better Fan / Patron Experience
  • Up to 70% savings on staff compared to traditional screening.
  • Up to 3600 people screened in 1 hour with dual lane system.
  • Bag scans as you walk through.
  • Indoor and outdoor models.
  • No emptying pockets or removing bags (only in secondary screening)
  • Updatable to keep current with todays threats. 
  • Choose from a range of sensitivity settings. 

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