Security Detection provides all components required for smooth, reliable security screening for venues of any scale.  We supply rentals for the sports, entertainment, television, and film industries, as well as private events.  Highlighted equipment in our Arena Collection includes the Magnascanner PD6500i, the Metor 6WP,  Garrett Security Wands.  Security Detection also provides accessories and options to ensure smooth and efficient operations. 

Magnascanner PD6500i 

Magnascanner PD 6500i leads the industry with superior pinpoint technology and unmatched discrimination features. Designed for maximum throughput without compromising security, the Magnascanner PD 6500i is the walk-through of choice for security professionals worldwide.

PD6500i Options to consider:

Walkthrough Caster Set - allows transport by one person
CMA Wireless Module - includes CMA software
Operational Test Piece - used for calibration and testing

Metor 6WP 

Security Detection excels at providing out-of-doors security solutions with the Metor 6WP.  Allow Security Detection flawlessly configure and execute your outdoor event.

Garrett Super Scanner V

Originally designed for use at the Olympic Games, the Garrett Super Scanner V has become the most recognized hand-held metal detector in the world.  The Super Scanner V offers outstanding performance, stability, and extreme sensitivity in detecting the smallest objects.   Designed and manufactured in the USA.


Security Detection Arena Packages will be uniquely configured to meet the needs of your Stadium or Arena. Explore your Security Detection Arena Options.

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