3 Ways To Make Your Event Attendees Feel Safe

Many people are anxiously waiting for in-person events. While Zoom conferences and concerts have kept people entertained, it’s never the same as being around like-minded individuals in person. The vaccine drives are pointing in a positive direction, but how do you ensure people feel safe and comfortable at your event?

There are many steps to take to ensure the safety of your attendees. Health, security, and mental peace are all essential to guarantee everyone has the best time, and they leave your event with smiles on their faces. Here are some ways you can safeguard your event!

Invite A Capacity You Can Handle

No one wants to turn away eager guests who want to be a part of your event. After all, you most probably want everyone to enjoy the activities you have painstakingly planned. However, the very first rule to always stick to is to never invite more people than you can handle!

Overcrowding is not only a security risk, but with COVID-19 social distancing protocols, it can also leave you with a hefty fine. Instead of inviting just about everyone, limit your number of attendees in accordance with your venue threshold. Make sure there are enough volunteers to handle the attendees and that no one comes in without an authorized ticket. This way, the population of your event is under control, and there are fewer chances of things going haywire.

Have A Transparent Refund Policy

A dollar bill.

Lockdown rules are still up in the air, and many times, without warning, flights and events get abruptly canceled. This can be a major cause for concern for your attendees, especially if they’re paying a premium price for attending your event.

It’s important for their mental peace that you draft a very honest and transparent refund policy that highlights what steps your establishment will take to reimburse attendees if any detail of the event abruptly changes. Seeing all that information planned out can leave participants less reluctant about paying for entry tickets since they’re fully trusting the fact that your company will handle any issues that may occur.

Invest In Security Measures

One glaring concern that many people have in events with a large number of strangers is safety. You never know who might have ill intentions that could put your event and its attendees at risk. Instead of gambling with the lives of individuals, you should invest in security equipment that will handle the hard work for you!

Pat downs are invasive and not the best way to eliminate safety. Investing in high-grade security metal detectors ensures you are taking every step possible to eliminate any threats. If your event is small-scale, you could get a handheld security metal detector. For large-scale events, a walkthrough security metal detector will be a great way to eliminate any worries. Some venues also add Security X-ray Machines to their security protocol to cover all bases!

Want a well-managed security system for your event? Get in touch with us at Security Detection, and we’ll hook you up with high-grade security scanning equipment. We provide rentals and also take care of any maintenance or repair required. Contact us today for further details.