3 Ways You Can Give Your Premises a Security Boost

Security is a major concern for commercial buildings and business venues. You want to ensure that your building provides a safe environment for your staff and that your assets are protected at all times, especially after hours. This is why you need to devise a strong security plan and invest in the right strategies and resources to enhance the overall security at your premises.

Not sure where to start? Here are three ways you can give your business security a boost.

Enhanced Outdoor Lighting

You may have installed LED lighting inside your business premises and have provided your employees with a well-lit workspace, but how effective is the lighting outside your office? If your outdoor lighting isn’t all that great, you’re jeopardizing your business premises.

Burglars and intruders tend to target business venues that are poorly lit outside. The darkness helps them be discreet and get away with criminal activities. This is why it’s imperative that your business premises have excellent exterior lighting. All your entry and exit points should be illuminated, along with high-traffic areas such as your parking lot. In fact, it’s also worth investing in the exterior lighting of any alleyways or pathways leading toward your building, to prevent intruders from hiding out in there.

Not only will outdoor lighting boost your security, but it will also make your staff feel safer when entering or leaving the premises.

Frequent Property Inspections

Another thing you should do to amp up your security is conduct regular property inspections. It’s a good idea to frequently inspect your business venue for any signs of property damages as it allows you to identify potential threats. For instance, let’s suppose you come across a hole in a fence panel near the main exit. You can fix this before the hole expands and exposes your building to outsiders.

Regular inspections will also help you keep an eye on things going on in your building. It’ll prevent internal misconduct and minimize the chances of employee theft.

security cameras outside a building

Security Guards & Security Equipment

Finally, make use of available security resources to give your premises a security boost. From hiring armed security guards to patrol the entry and exit points to making use of the latest security equipment and technologies, you have several options you can choose from.

For instance, you can have an alarm system installed at your premises and insert surveillance cameras to monitor both internal as well as external surroundings. Full sized body scanners can also be added to your main checkpoints, ensuring that nobody walks in carrying prohibited items. You can also have your security guards make use of handheld metal detectors for enhanced security.

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