A User's Guide to Handheld Metal Detector Wands

Handheld metal detector wands are advanced security accessories used in many places, including concerts, nightclubs, schools, courthouses, mailrooms, and other places. You will often see handheld metal detectors used alongside security walkthrough metal detectors to ensure visitors aren't holding dangerous weapons, metals, or narcotics with them.

This blog will discuss how handheld detectors work and how one can use handheld metal detector wands.

How a Handheld Metal Detector Works

These detectors utilize electromagnetic fields generated through currents to locate foreign metal on a person. The device has two essential parts: the transmitter and the receiver. As the names suggest, the transmitter transmits electromagnetic signals, and the receiver receives any signals that a metallic object would return.

The field that the handheld metal detectors creates will be roughly 20cm and creates another magnetic field around the metal object it detects. Once this electromagnetic field is created, the receiver will detect its presence, and it will indicate to the device's operator the metal object's presence.

Handheld metal detectors come in a wide variety of shapes, designs, and models. Some will produce an audible alarm when metal triggers the receiver coil, while others will have vibrating alarm systems to alert the security staff member using the device.

Using Handheld Metal Detectors

When using these devices, you must scan pocket areas twice and avoid scanning between someone's legs. You must pay attention to a person's underarms, waist, and ankles.

You don't need to touch someone's body to detect metals or weaponry on their person.
A handheld metal detector by Garrett

Etiquette for Scanning People with a Handheld Metal Detector

You should always be respectful of someone you're scanning and be as polite as you can. If someone is hiding something, that person may try hard to distract you. You should always ensure a person you plan to scan knows they're being scanned. Focusing on the torso and legs while double-checking pockets and waistlines are a common practice.

If someone's pockets set off an alarm, ask the person to empty their pockets, then rescan the pockets to see if there's still an issue.

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