Are Metal Detectors Needed At Schools? Here's What to Know.

Security metal detectors like security walkthrough metal detectors and security wand rentals have been used in spaces for many years now. Today's metal detectors are highly advanced and provide immense value in many areas, including security, mining, and more.

They help keep environments like shopping malls, businesses, concerts, mailrooms, cargo docks, and other events and areas safe from external threats. Now, with the unfortunate rise of school shootings in America, many schools also use metal detectors to keep students and staff safe from harm.

Some people are on the fence about whether metal detectors for school are necessary. This blog will distinguish whether metal detectors for schools are needed and why.

Metal Detectors for Schools are On the Rise

The Federal Commission for School safety has recommended schools using metal detectors. Metal detectors have been immensely useful in locating and neutralizing any threats to schools at their source. In the past, measures to buy handheld metal detectors and security walkthrough metal detectors for schools were (proverbially) shot down for schools in areas with lower crime rates.

However, with the rise of school shootings in every type of area, it has become clear that affluence and picture-perfect neighborhoods don't protect children and teachers in those places from monsters.

Statistics and Results: Are Metal Detectors for Schools Working?


The fact is that metal detector rentals for schools do their job. They work in helping prevent school shootings and other threats. While they can't guarantee 100% safety, they come very close because statistics show in NYC schools that use them that the risks have been significantly lowered. Only one rogue student can result in mass terror, but Metal Detectors Rentals for schools help track every threat, weapon, and other metal on people.

Advantages of Having Metal Detectors for Schools

Not only do metal detector rentals for schools help students and staff enter school with some peace of mind, but they also act as deterrents for those who even consider committing such heinous crimes. 

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