Assessing Event Safety and the Need for Metal Detectors

Assessing event safety is a critical factor when selecting an appropriate venue. Trained security staff, metal detectors, and entry queues are some of the aspects typically considered when assessing event safety.

This article discusses how to assess event safety and why metal detectors can be necessary during high-profile events.

What Does Event Security Assessment Entail?

Event security goes beyond ensuring your venue is secure. In many cases, event preparations include employee vetting for all vendors, caterers, and performers or groups booked for the event.

This includes criminal checks and background screening to ensure that the individuals working at your event aren't convicted felons or individuals who pose a threat to the safety of attendees. Furthermore, if you host substantial cash or other valuables at your event, you may want to consider using metal detectors at certain entry points.

The following are some of the factors that should be considered before implementing metal detectors:

a handheld metal detector

Size and Layout of Your Venue

If your event is small or has just a few dozen attendees, installing metal detectors may not be necessary. However, if you expect thousands of people to attend the event, it may make sense to use them.

Metal detectors will be needed to regularly check for unauthorized entrants and ensure security at each exit point for each event. In smaller events, some security measures may need to be taken directly on-site without additional metal detectors.

Maximum Number of Entries per Hour

You must determine the maximum number of people entering the venue during the average hourly interval between each entry/exit check by security staff members.

Don't forget to account for exits when determining event safety. The metal detectors will need to be spread across each exit points to ensure that no one can bypass the metal detectors by entering through a different entry point.

Locations of Exits/Entrances

If your venue has multiple entrances and exits, you should ensure that the metal detector company can work with you to position their equipment at each entry/exit without disrupting traffic flow or creating a bottleneck.

Types of Metal Detector Equipment

Once you know how many attendees are expected for your event, the number of exits you have, and the duration of your event, you can choose which metal detector to use.

Some companies provide portable units that are easy to move around at each exit point or entry point. Other companies provide walkthrough detectors that are permanently installed in front of your venue's entrances or exits. If your event is short-term and you don't expect thousands of people to attend, then one of the portable units is most likely better for your event.


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