Assessing School Safety & the Need for Metal Detectors

The use of metal detectors in schools isn’t a new phenomenon. These security devices were, in fact, first used in a Detroit High School in the early 1990s to add an extra layer of protection to school security and prevent anyone from bringing in weapons. In the last decade, metal detectors in schools have become a common sight. This has also attracted a lot of controversy, and the subject is constantly up for debate.

Metal Detectors in Schools: Yay or Nay?

Many people argue that installing metal detectors is hardly the solution to gun violence and school shootings. Having these detectors installed at school entrances puts the onus on kids entering the school premises, and makes it seem like students need to be viewed with suspicion. They argue that metal detectors give students and even faculty members the impression that the school administration thinks they’re not to be trusted, which is a problem.

And yet, there’s no denying the fact that there has been an alarming rise in school shootings in the last couple of years. These incidents aren’t just specific to schools in areas with high crime rates, but have also impacted schools in “safe” and “nice” neighborhoods. This is why so many schools across the US have now opted for metal detectors, among other security equipment, for boosting campus security.

The Benefits of Metal Detectors in Schools

So, how can adding metal detectors to your school benefit your institute? Here’s how they can help:

They’re One of the Best Security Measures

Despite the controversy surrounding them, metal detectors are actually considered to be among the top security practices schools can adhere to. You want your institute to be safe for both the students as well as the faculty, and adding metal detectors at your main entrance and other pivotal locations ensures that nobody carrying a dangerous item gets inside. Moreover, even the Department of Homeland Security has recommended the use of metal detectors for safety purposes.

students in a classroom

They’re Used as Deterrence Tools

Just by adding these devices to your school premises, you’re lowering the chances of gun violence. Attackers would avoid approaching your school because of the metal detectors in sight, as they’d know they’re likely to get caught. This automatically reduces the chances of attacks at your school’s premises.

They Offer Reassurance

Finally, having metal detectors set up in key locations in your school will give you a peace of mind. You’d know that you’ve taken the necessary security measures to protect your students and staff, and will feel a sense of safety and assurance. Similarly, your students and staff will also feel safer walking in to the school premises and won’t be constantly distracted by the fear of a school shooting.

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