Difference Between Handheld And Walkthrough Metal Detectors

Long gone are the days where pat-downs were considered an adequate security measure before entering venues. Pat-downs are invasive and not an ideal way to eliminate any threat. Instead, establishments have been urged to invest in security metal detectors.

Security metal detectors are a great way to get a thorough look into what people may be carrying in and out of venues. A single beep alerts the team that a person may be carrying something that needs further investigation. However, the market currently has two options for security metal detectors; walk-through and hand-held. Here’s all you need to know about the two.

Handheld Metal Detectors

With the use of electromagnetic fields, metal detectors can actively detect and alert when they’re brought close to metallic objects. This helps security personnel eliminate the transport of weapons or other harmful objects into a venue. A hand-held metal detector, like the name suggests, is a portable metal detector.

With the use of a hand-held metal detector, security personnel can scan the front and back of individuals to ensure they’re not carrying any metallic objects. If the metal detector comes in close contact with any foreign metal object, it might flash a light or make a sound to alert security. They’re the cheaper of the two alternatives due to the smaller size.

Walkthrough Metal Detector

A walk-through metal detector looks more like a vertical entryway. Individuals are expected to walk through the metal detector. With the use of electromagnetic testing and digital processing, the metal detector alerts security of any foreign objects being carried by the subject.

While a hand-held detector has to be brought closer to the site of the object to set off the alarm, a walk-through metal detector will display the horizontal position of the objects accurately. Since they’re much larger, they cost a significant amount of money and are considered an expensive investment.

Which One You Should Get

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There’s no right or wrong kind of metal detector. Both options serve their purpose well and are best suited for different scenarios. Instead of wondering which security detector works best in general, you should ask yourself what kind of event or establishment you need it for.

If you’re going to be dealing with many people coming and going in and out of the establishment, then a walk-through metal detector would work better. You can cover a larger number of people and have them get scanned faster. A hand-held metal detector might take longer and hold up the line.

Alongside the number of people, you should also consider space constraints. A Security Walkthrough Metal Detectors will need its own designated space, whereas there are no such restrictions for a hand-held detector. Hand-held detectors are also wheel-chair friendly since walk-through entryways can be restrictive.

If you’re unsure, you can always keep both at your security checkpoint to move things faster and not meet any inconvenience. For all your security metal detector needs, you can get in touch with us at Security Detection. We provide high-quality security equipment and also offer maintenance and repair services. Contact us today!