Event Security: 3 Things to Know About X-ray Machines

With security threats becoming more common in America every day, many companies and event organizers are seriously considering buying X-ray systems to up their security protocol.

Not only can security X-ray machines ensure nothing dangerous enters your facility, but they can also make sure nothing of value to you leaves the premises tucked away in someone's belongings.

This blog will list things to know about security X-ray machines for event security.

1. They're Safe

You may be worried about radiation when it comes to these machines, which is a valid concern. However, X-ray systems can only be harmful in significant doses and high degrees. When it's precisely used for security purposes, security X-ray systems save lives.

Mailroom, Checkpoint, and other X-ray systems are designed to be precise and limit their X-ray exposure to only the bags they scan.

This property makes them perfect for regular use in business establishments, organizations, and events. A lot of the time, security X-ray machines will have enclosures made of lead to keep the radiation confined to space. In this way, the rays don't escape outside the chamber.

2. They're Used Outside Airports

A mailroom X-ray machine available to buy with a conveyer belt to scan items

You may recall placing your bag in a tray for airport security so a security X-ray machine can scan it. However, X-ray scanner rentals aren't only used in airports.

They're used in many establishments and events alike. They are used in places like the Mailroom, hotels, businesses, schools, buildings, shopping malls, receptions, concerts, and other events and areas. X-ray machines and metal detectors for schools are becoming more common every day.

3. Their Security Purposes are Different Than Their Medical Purposes

While both medical and security X-ray machines use X-rays to scan objects and find items non-invasively, they're different in how they look and what they are designed to accomplish.

An X-ray scan in medical practices will look black and white, but a security X-ray machine will display a colored image so staff members can locate foreign objects more conveniently.

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