History of Garrett Metal Detectors

The History of Garrett Metal DetectorsThe use of electrical circuits to detect bodies of metal has been around since the invention of electricity. The earliest known use of a metal detector was in 1874 by Gustave Trouvé, a French Inventor, who made the device to locate and bullets and shrapnel from human patients. Almost a decade later, Alexander Graham Bell improved upon Mr Trouvé’s design to create metal detector in an effort to locate a bullet lodged in then President Andrew Garfield. Though ultimately unsuccessful, due to the metal coils in the President’s bed, their designs are the foundation upon which modern metal detection is based. Over the next century, various events shaped the use and application of both amateur metal detection and more professional uses. Garrett Metal Detection was founded in Garland, Texas, in 1964, by Charles and Elinor Garrett. The driving force behind the Garrett’s ultimate decision to create this company can be traced back to Mr. Garrett's childhood. He had often recalled being six or seven and seeing the movie Treasure Island and being inspired to set off on his own adventures in search of treasure. These dreams of grand explorations leading to mounds of gold and jewels eventually gave way to Mr. Garrett becoming an amateur treasure hunter later. He would use World War Two mine detectors and other crude metal detectors in his attempts to find coins and other lost items but was always underwhelmed by their performance. Mr. Garrett, seeing that the current technology could be improved upon, used his background as an electrical engineer with the US Navy to build better detectors in his garage until the company’s creation. There were two principals that Mr. and Mrs. Garrett build the business around. Creating the best possible products on the market and providing the absolute best customer service in the industry. These principals served the company well and proved to lead Garrett Metal Detection down a positive road. In 1984 Garrett was approached by the Director of Security for the Los Angeles Olympics about the need for full scale screening during the upcoming summer games. Having never been done at this scale before, Garrett created its first walkthrough metal detector and a smaller, hand held device for secondary screening. Given the recent assassinations of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy and on the heels of a successful Summer Olympics games, the FBI also reached out about the screening of all member attending the 1984 Republican National Convention. These events helped establish the company as a pioneer in large scale screening. Garrett Metal Detection has continued Mr. Garrett’s vision of creating the best possible products on the market and providing the best possible customer service. The adherence to these ideals has opened doors and assisted the company in becoming globally recognized as a leader in both amateur/recreational metal detection and professional/large scale applications. The company has sold to several high profile events including the Olympics and World Cup matches and is the supplier to many national and international airports and government facilities. Through research and development, Mr. and Mrs. Garrett's founding principles, and their outstanding staff, Garrett is committed to improve their products and remain a leader in the metal detection industry.