How Often Should You Opt For Maintenance For Your Security Detectors

As the owner of security metal detectors, you might come across advice for opting for routine maintenance services often. It may seem like an easy decision, but it’s natural to be confused by how often you need to call up a maintenance team for your equipment.

There is no one answer that can fit your query. Instead, multiple factors can change how often you might be calling a maintenance team to go over your security equipment. Here are some pointers that can help you keep your metal detectors in excellent condition.

Understand Your Security Metal Detector

Before we get into figuring out how much maintenance your security equipment needs, it’s essential to acquaint yourself with the kind of machine you have at hand. Currently, there are three incredibly popular Security Metal Detectors on the market.

Walkthrough metal detectors: These are metal detectors that act as entryways to large establishments. You simply walk through the metal detector, and it will beep to alert the security team if you have any metallic object on you. This kind of metal detector is more commonly used in correctional facilities, airports, and concert venues.

Handheld metal detectors: A cheaper alternative to walkthrough metal detectors, handheld metal detectors are portable and primarily used in areas with a significantly smaller crowd. Security personnel will wave the handheld security device near your body to inspect any foreign metallic objects you may carry.

Body Scanners: A body scanner is a more high-tech counterpart of a walkthrough metal detector. Body scanners don’t use any ionizing radiation or x-ray technology but still manage to get a full-body scan to check for transport of any foreign objects. It’s not portable like a walkthrough metal detector and needs to be installed in an area with at least an 8-foot long ceiling.

The Troubles Faced

Team testing equipment

Walkthrough metal detectors and body scanners take up a larger area and need to be installed diligently by a licensed team of technicians. Improper installation can lead to the equipment tipping over or sliding, which can be a safety hazard for attendees and staff alike. Additionally, installing metal detectors is essential to keep them away from machinery, resulting in electromagnetic interruption. A professional team can thoroughly inspect the area and install the device accordingly.

Handheld metal detectors are relatively easier to operate due to their ease of use and lack of installation needs. However, as an establishment, it is imperative that you teach your security team to handle handheld metal detectors with care. Dropping the equipment, sitting on it, or using it as a weapon can lead to the device malfunctioning and performing poorly, which is a huge security risk. A poorly functioning handheld metal detector may fail to identify foreign metal objects on a subject.

Depending on how often your security equipment is being used, maintenance can be done once or twice a year. If you’re using your security equipment after months of inactivity, it’s best to get a routine checkup done to cover all bases.

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