Kids, Teachers, Cops and Guns. What now?

Kids, Teachers, Cops and Guns. What now?

We’ve reached a point where sending our children to school has presented more concern than just how well they’re doing academically. How safe are they and will they make it home alive? There are many protocols being explored ensuring parents that a more aggressive security plan is coming. So far in 2018, we’ve had as many school shootings (9) as we had in the entire 2017 calendar year, and on pace to be as deadly as 2014‘s 37 total shootings.

Should we consider the idea of Teachers carrying guns in school? That question may have been answered on February 28th when a teacher opened fire after barricading himself in his classroom at Dalton High School in Georgia. So would this be effective or would it just be a matter of time before it happens again?

Many schools already have Metal Detectors and some with X-Ray machines thus greatly reducing the risk, but why is such a large percentage of our schools dragging their feet? Most would say money. Solving these issues is definitely going to cost, and this is a great time for the ball to get rolling and feet to quit dragging. Hopefully the decision makers are putting themselves in the shoes of others, because if it was their child who was shot, I’m pretty sure we would see much more aggressive action. Why draw lines?

Placing metal detectors and x-ray machines in every school can be a fairly simple task, but having someone to man them is the issue. Having Police presence at every school in this country is a great idea. I don’t think taxpayers would bark at the idea of paying minimal fees or tax to ensure one police officer is at every school. Isolating to one specific entrance for students every morning, placing 1-2 Walk-Through Metal Detectors with a police officer and volunteer school faculty member there to operate can be a starting foundation.

There are many things we can do very quickly to improve the overall safety and security of our schools. The only people with guns in schools should be law enforcement. New procedures for backpacks and purses can be implemented especially if they’re going to be permitted in the building. After all, Shootings are a big enough problem, but who’s to say someone doesn’t follow through with the many bomb threats being made?