Managing Event Security: Tips to Keep Your Guests Safe

Whether you’re organizing a corporate event, a fundraiser, or any other public event, it’s imperative that you give event security plenty of thought. As the host of the event, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your guests are safe at your event venue and are protected from security threats. You don’t want a catastrophe at your hand, do you? Anytime a large crowd gathers for an event, you need to ensure that there aren’t any security breaches and that you’re not exposed to preventable circumstances.

Unfortunately, event security isn’t taken as seriously as it should be by many event managers. Not only can this be potentially threatening to their guests, but it may also ruin the sanctity and success of the event itself.

Here are a few event security tips to keep in mind when hosting a public event.

Create Multiple Security Checkpoints

One of the simplest yet most effective ways to increase event security is by creating checkpoints. It’s recommended that you have more than one security checkpoint to screen all participants thoroughly. If your venue is large and spacious, it’s best to set up entry and exit points at 2-3 different spots to avoid long queues. This will also prevent negligence during the security checkups as the appointed personnel could attend to each individual properly.

It’s also advisable to have at least one other checkpoint along the way after the participants have already entered through the first one. This will help you double down on security. You can also use the second checkpoint for a specific purpose such as checking bags or stamping event passes. Make sure all your checkpoints are located away from the main place of gathering. This way, if an uninvited or armed person tries to enter, they can be stopped before they manage to get to the crowd.

Make Sure Your Security Equipment is Visible

Your guests should feel safe at your event from the minute they arrive at the security checkpoint to when they’re part of the crowd and participating in the main event. Clearly visible security measures will give them the assurance that they’re indeed safe and well-protected at your event premises.

security camera in plain sight

For instance, instead of hiding your CCTV cameras or placing them discreetly, have them installed at places where they’re easily visible. Similarly, have your security guards stationed at spots throughout the venue, wearing clearly labeled uniforms. Remember, the point isn’t just to respond to a security threat but also to prevent it from happening in the first place. You don’t want anyone lurking around and trying to attack your guests because they think there’s no security. You want to avoid that scenario from happening altogether.

Develop an Emergency Plan

Finally, make sure you have an emergency plan ready for execution at a moment’s notice. Discuss possible threats and dangerous scenarios with your security team, and devise strategies that would help you address them if the need arises.

For instance, how will you mass evacuate the event if necessary? Are there any safe rooms attendees could be directed to? What signals and signage would be used for communicating an emergency? Think it all through.

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