National Security in the US Post-Afghan-War: All You Need to Know

After the US's withdrawal from Afghanistan, the national security of the country is uncertain. According to US president Joe Biden, the war on terror isn't finished yet. That's why it's important to provide the utmost safety to the people of America.

The most common targets of terrorist attacks are public places. We've compiled a list of security measures that can help us minimize the risk.

Ensure That You Have Professional Security Personnel On Hand at All Times

When arranging a public event, it's important to have security personnel so that they can perform their jobs effectively. The security officers should always be well trained and vigilant, which will help keep the venue secure.

Always Use Closed-Circuit Surveillance Systems For Events

CCTV systems are an excellent way to ensure smooth security in public places. They can help you keep track of what is always going on and let security personnel respond if something bad happens. They will also help you prevent outsiders from gaining access to the event space. This is a useful tool as it allows anyone who enters the venue to be watched and prevented from doing anything bad.

a walkthrough metal detector


Avoid Crowded Areas in Event Spaces

Threats are more likely to occur when there's a lot of people together. So, you should try to reduce the number of people in one area of the venue. Separate large crowds into smaller, interlinked crowds so that if something does go wrong, it will be easier for security personnel to react effectively.

Conduct a Port Control at the Entrance of a Particular Venue

Port control measures are important for preventing potential attackers from entering anytime. So, if you want to prevent suspicious individuals from entering the event space, you should arrange to execute port control measures for entry and exit points. You can do this by installing security walls and gates at your venue's entrance and exit points to prevent any attackers from getting in.

Use Metal Detectors and Explosive Detectors

Explosive detectors can be used at shopping malls and concerts to prevent bomb threats and terrorist attacks. These machines detect a range of explosive materials and allow for the safe detection of dangerous substances without threatening your security staff.

Walkthrough metal detectors, on the other hand, help you detect any metallic weapons like guns and knives. These are installed at the entrance and exit points of public places.

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