The 3 Most Common Threats Stadiums Should Watch Out For When Hosting a Sporting Event

When you’re hosting a sports event at your stadium that’s going to attract a huge crowd, stadium security needs to be on the top of your priority list. Stadiums and sports arenas aren’t immune to security threats, but are actually quite susceptible to them.

Here are a few common threats stadium managers need to be wary of and prepared for.


You wouldn’t normally think of stadiums as places where grand theft episodes happen, but you’ll be surprised to learn how common this threat is. Think of the last stadium you were at. Were there dozens of food stands and beverage carts? Did you come across vendors selling sports merchandise? Was the stadium so tightly packed that you could easily get lost in the crowd?

Now imagine how easy it’d be for thieves and troublemakers to steal from a packed stadium or vandalize property. From robbing cash registers at vendors to picking pockets and stealing from unaware spectators, thieves have plenty of opportunities to strike. This is also why spectators are told not to carry valuables inside the stadium and to keep a close eye on their belongings. The increase in cases of theft—major and minor—has also prompted the need for increased surveillance at stadiums.

Attempted Assault

Sports arenas and stadiums are also potential sites for attempted assault and attacks. In spite of screening the attendees at the entrance, it’s still quite possible for things to get violent in the stands. Even if nobody is carrying weapons, there’s still the risk of being attacked with another object or being hit directly by the attacker.

Consider this scenario: you’re watching a baseball game between two rival teams. Most of the spectators near your seat are all cheering on Team A, but there’s this one passionate guy who keeps chanting slogans for the other team. Another member of the audience is extremely annoyed with this and snaps at him. Soon enough, the two are having a heated argument. The person who got annoyed ends up punching the other guy, causing him to sustain an ugly injury.

When either of the two audience members walked into the stadium, they weren’t planning on being part of a fist fight. And yet, emotions got the best of them. Incidents like these are all too common at stadiums, which is why it’s imperative that you have security guards and medics present on site.

crowd watching a baseball game

Explosive Devices

Places that attract large crowds and high profile individuals also tend to draw the attention of violent extremists. This is why you shouldn’t rule out the threat of explosive devices at your stadium. A bomb scare can cause chaos and fear among the crowd in an instant, and we don’t even need to discuss the kind of damage an actual explosive device can cause.

This is why your stadium should have explosives detectors installed at your security checkpoints, and a bomb disposal squad team available during the event,

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