The Many Advantages Of A Thermal SmartScanner

The pandemic had put a halt globally on public events, which is slowly beginning to lift. Now, establishments are working on safety measures that can help them create a safer atmosphere while still hosting events that could be fun for the public.

While social distancing measures are being taken, it’s still important to do more than just hand over masks and put up sanitization booths. Nowadays, responsible companies are putting up Thermal SmartScanners that can read the temperature of individuals as they enter. Here are the many reasons Thermal SmartScanners are important.

Faster Temperature Detection

Using a temperature gun is a cumbersome process. First, you need to employ a dozen individuals to facilitate the checks, and the lower the workforce, the longer the line. This is simply unacceptable for places that have a lot of incoming traffic.

A Thermal SmartScanner can scan double the amount of people with less workforce. No need to have someone standing with a temperature gun. Instead, individuals can walk through the Thermal SmartScanner entryway and alert the team if anyone is walking through a higher-than-average temperature. This doesn’t disrupt the screening process but enhances it.

Lower Cost

plant pot with money.

The initial cost of investing in a Thermal SmartScanner can leave people apprehensive. However, if there’s anything the pandemic has taught us, it’s that the world is going to move forward, keeping safety features in mind. The post-pandemic world will be in need of thermal scanners just like we need them today.

Alongside being an excellent long-term investment, a Thermal SmartScanner can help you reduce staffing costs since it doesn’t need a technical crew to operate. With a lowered risk of human error, you can rest easy knowing your thermal device will be delivering you 100% accurate results with a fraction of the manpower, reducing costs in the long run!

High Flexibility

Most security equipment are a nuisance in the long run since they require ample floor space and are electrically operated. But the Thermal SmartScanner takes away these restrictions and brings you a high level of flexibility.

Since the Thermal SmartScanner is battery operated, there are multiple places you can keep it without worrying about a power source. This is ideal since most scanners are to be placed at the venue entrance, where finding a viable power source may be a challenge. But with its operational battery function, you can place it at any location without worries.

Additionally, the Thermal SmartScanner also has the advantage of being easy to move around. You don’t need any designated floor space for it and can move it around as per your preferences. The fact that it has no externally mounted pieces makes it an easy and portable device with the full functionality of a thermal detector.

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