Warning Signs Your X-Ray Scanner Isn’t Working Properly

Having an x-ray scanner is essential in places with high levels of security. Instead of taking part in invasive pat-downs that don’t really work in eliminating the threat, it’s best to invest in security detectors that do the hard work for you!


An x-ray machine is a great way to highlight foreign objects carried by an individual without any close contact. If any unusual item is detected, the x-ray machine highlights it and alerts the team immediately. However, when the x-ray machine doesn’t work well, it can cause a wide array of challenges. Here are some common problems you might face that warrant a routine maintenance check!

Unusual Sounds

Most of the time, machines will give you warning signs before shutting down. The same applies to your x-ray security detection machine. If you start to hear unusual sounds coming from the machine, especially of whirring or hissing, it’s time to stop and call for maintenance.

Most of the time, any kind of unnatural sounds coming from a machine means that there is a fault inside. This could be faulty wiring or a fuse that needs to be fixed. Whatever the case is, you need to make sure you get the problem addressed immediately. If the x-ray machine abruptly stops working in the middle of the day, it can slow down operations and heighten security risks!

Slow Conveyer Belt

Many x-ray machines rely on a conveyer belt to transport items from point A to point B. The more seamlessly the x-ray machine functions, the faster the line will move, which is why a faulty or slow conveyer belt is a cause for concern!

A slow conveyer belt could be due to a multitude of reasons. Factors, such as inadequate belt tension, buildup, or even temperature fluctuations, can cause the conveyer belt to not work well. Regular wear and tear can also lead to it giving out. Unless you’re an expert, treating a particular problem may not be the solution. The best way to sort out the problem is to get in touch with a licensed technician who will isolate the conveyer belt's main problem.

Visualization Error

Most x-ray machines will highlight different materials found in bags and luggage in different colors. Each color indicates a different wavelength and can help security verify what might be transported in the bags without the need to open it.

However, if there are often instances where the x-ray wavelength colors aren’t being displayed consistently, then there is an error with either the x-ray machine scanners or the screen through which it is displayed. This could be a very dangerous error that can let harmful objects pass by without raising any alarms. Once again, a licensed repairman can isolate the problem and prevent it from occurring again.

Whether you’re looking to completely replace your x-ray machine or opt for repair services, get in touch with us at Security Detection to get all your x-ray machine needs fulfilled under one roof! Contact us today for more information on Security X-ray Machines.